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Month: March 2016



Today, I was looking through my fabric collection.  Unfortunately, I also noticed how many projects I have in a mid-stream status.  That got me thinking about the typical life of one of my projects.  It goes like this.  First, an idea pops into my head.  I have to cogitate on that for a while.  If it still seems interesting, I sit at EQ7 and play with it.

Once I have it sort of mapped out, I look quickly through my stash for fabrics and decide I need to buy something.  That means talking my hubby into driving to the quilt store (For some reason, the DMV requires that I can actually see).  After buying fabric for the project (and maybe a little something extra), I get super excited and sit down and cut and sew and iron.

Eventually, and idea pops into my head for a project and I start cogitating on it.  I’m sure you see the problem here.  I haven’t actually finished the previous project.  Oh well, I just have to work on the new one.  Now, I have a project to put on the stack of UFO’s.

Then, someone says let’s do a UFO challenge.  So I dust it off and put it on my active table.  At the end of the UFO challenge, I move it back to the UFO pile until the next challenge.  I’m sure none of you have this problem!  I will bet the average life of one of my projects is from one to ten years.  How about yours?

See you at the meeting.
Terry Simon, President