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Month: May 2016



When I was young, the big joke on all the TV sitcoms was the husband who slumped on the couch, shirtless, watching football and drinking beer.

It terrifed me!

Unfortunately, I think I am becoming a version of that. I realized this the other day when I was in my sewing area working madly on a quilt. I have a couple of mismatched dining tables with notebooks and bins all over the place. When I sit at my sewing machine to sew, I take off my right shoe just because it is easier to handle the foot pedal. I frequently take off my left leg because it’s more comfortable. I have a diet soda next to the machine and, maybe, a couple of empties. I have thread all over my tables, the floor, my shirt, my pants and the cats. After looking down at the machine for a while, my hair starts slipping down my face and blocking my eyes. I look sort of like Cousin It. Maybe, in the old days, I would have had to learn about touch-backs, safeties and other football terms so I could talk to my husband. Instead, he is learning new phraseology. If he walks in and there are little pieces of paper and fabric all over the floor, he asks if I’ve been paper-piecing again. He knows about blocks, sashing, four patches and bindings. Oh, my.

So, why am I telling you this? It’s charity sew-in night at our May meeting. I’m just warning you what to expect! I shall endeavor to leave my leg on.

See you at the meeting.

Terry Simon, President