Presidents Message April 2017

Presidents Message April 2017

Of cats and quilters. Let us call the cats R (Reggie), A1 (Allie) and A2 (Apollo). It’s morning. We wake up. We shower and get dressed, at least the quilters do. We have breakfast, cats first, of course. Only then can we start the day. First item of business, some hand work to attach the back of the binding on a quilt. This is done while sitting on the couch and watching a show. First, arrange needle, thread and quilt just right for sewing. Get TV set to display previously recorded show. Begin. Notice that A1 is running up and down the hallway full speed and loudly. Aw, R is chasing her. A2 is behind my head on the couch acting as head rest. R runs towards kitchen, A1 around back of couch. A1 runs back towards hallway. Oops, A2 launches off my head to chase A1 and there goes R after them both. This goes on awhile. Fun to watch, definitely distracting. Finally, they settle down. Begin sewing again. Oh well, the show on TV is over. It’s time for a different activity. Put away sewing stuff. R goes to couch to take her daily nap.

I proceed to the cutting station. Arrange the cutting board, rotary cutter, scissors and sundry rulers. Remove and arrange fabric for the days project. Start cutting. A1 jumps up on cutting board and situates herself such that she is lying down on every piece of fabric on the table (this is a specific cat talent). Rub A1s belly until she dozes off and then gently move her to the floor. A2 jumps on the table and seats himself immediately in front of my face for conversation and head scratches. That gets us to lunch time. A1 is off to her nap.

After lunch, we move to sewing table. I get my machine, lights and iron powered up. Rearrange A2 on the ironing mat so I have room to iron. Start sewing. As soon as the machine takes a break, A2 approaches left side of machine and throws himself at my chest, flipping upside down to be held like a baby. Cutie. I hold him for a couple of minutes, rubbing his belly and tilt him onto the floor. Start sewing and A2 approaches machine. I shoosh him off and he moves over to right side of machine and I’m holding him again. Cuddles. Toss cat on floor and begin sewing again. A2 approaches left side, shoosh. A2 approaches right side, shoosh. A2 makes wide circle to end of table and around to come under right arm. More cuddles. This cycle repeats for a while. Finally, A2 settles down for his nap, on the ironing mat, of course. I make final adjustments to A2 so I will have room to iron. Yay, now I can sew. Let’s get started. Hubby calls out, it’s dinner time.

I put away my sewing stuff. Oh look, I got one four-patch done.

See you at the meeting.

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