Presidents Message July 2017

Presidents Message July 2017

In the twilight glow I see her

This happens on those gloomy winter days in late afternoon when the sun goes down early and it’s a bit drizzly. We don’t have them often in Los Angeles but sometimes. You know the kind of day. I walk, well, I waddle into a quilt store and there it is, the perfect fabric, smoothly rolled around a cardboard bolt, standing at eye-level attention on a rack, placed for the immediate attention of incoming patrons. It could be small sweet spring flowers in bright colors to brighten a dark day, cats playing with yarn and looking cute, striking geometrics, or pretty much anything, I guess. The point is you see it and think, “I love you. I want to make you into something. I have to have you.” I know you’ve all gone through this, you can’t convince me otherwise.

Blue eyes crying in the rain

There probably aren’t blue eyes on the fabric, but I did just come in from a drizzly day. You remember that part, right? I think I have the crying eyes thing going on.

As we kissed goodbye and parted

I don’t need fabric. I have fabric, my husband reminds me often. It occupies six rooms and the garage. I only came in for thread. I probably should have ordered it online because it’s safer than a store. Oh well, I might as well look around while I’m here. There’s all the pretty fabric to see. While I’m at it, I wander up to pet the bolt at the front. No kissing, that’s just a figure of speech. The song wouldn’t sound right if it said, “As we petted goodbye and parted.” It does feel good, a nice weight, not too heavy, not too thin. I could probably use up a lot of the fabric in my stash making something with it. Yeah, right, I would have to get the coordinating fabrics too. But I don’t need it!!! I’m going to be good. If I don’t spend the money now, I can pay for another top to be quilted. Yes, I go back and pick out my thread, pay for it and head out.

I knew we’d never meet again

I patted my back and the bolt of fabric, pleased I can tell hubby I didn’t impulse buy, and pull open the door. Do you really believe me? I patted the bolt of fabric, found my hand clenching it, held it up and headed back to the register. “I’ll have three yards please.” But I didn’t buy the coordinating fabrics!


It’s challenge time. Let’s quilt some songs.

See you at the meeting.

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