Presidents Message October 2017

Presidents Message October 2017

I was a tomboy as a child and I’m still not into dresses, makeup and fancy hair styles. I’m more the throw something on and go play type. So I never developed a dream house. But I do have a dream quilt studio. I’m going to tell you about it, I just ask you don’t think too much about things like, “Why are there so many corners?” or “Is that even possible?” Remember it is a dream.


First, my studio is catastatic. This means that there is a self-cleaning filter system that automatically removes all dust, lint, cat hair and dander. There are also lots of cat beds around my studio that are more enticing to the fur balls than all the fabric and quilts (dream, remember). In one corner is the wash room and, yes, it is padded with quilts. Another corner has a small kitchen area with a fridge and a microwave. One corner is a wine room with a wine for every occasion. The walls are touch screen design areas to keep track of all the projects going on. The ceiling is retractable to the elements for that rare perfect day. It does, of course, repel bugs. Lighting is like natural sunlight so there is never a problem seeing true color. The cutting station is under a beautiful window and is large enough for several people to cut at once if necessary. A pressing area adjoins. In the middle of the room is the sewing machine platform with all of my sewing machines. I think I might as well get a nice embroidery machine because I’m sure not going to do it by hand. And my Bernina 1090 is in the spotlight. I know, I know, a 1090?? My machine is 30 years old and I don’t need anything different! No one messes with my 1090. Well, except for maybe the Mayhall guy. I might also have a Featherweight 221 just because they are so darn cute.


So, about now, you are wondering where all the fabric is. That’s the cool part. I just described the stationary part of the room. The other part is like an elevator. It has multiple floors for different needs. You just call the area you want! There will be a floor for fabric and projects. You can sit in the middle of the area and ask for the fabric you want, all of which is cataloged by color, theme, scale and inspiration factors. You could just ask for a medium scale floral with a blue background and it will be delivered. The real fabric, not a computer image or something, because I like to touch fabric. You will still have to go out to shop for your fabric in the first place, I’m not a miracle worker. This area will also store all of my UFO’s securely so I don’t misplace parts of them.


Another floor will be a quilt room for the finished products to be displayed and stored. Here there will also be a seating area for guests and I’ll be able to have group meetings, teas, and other fun stuff (maybe even a wine tasting). The quilts will be stored flat so they don’t crease or fray. The wall displays will be easily changeable (Barbara John will appreciate that part).


I will, of course, have a quilting floor with a Gammill long arm machine with the Statler Stitcher. Only the best will do. Ok, ok, get over the Bernina 1090, already. I probably also need a floor for pattern, book and general notion storage. Maybe this should be the computer room and it will be connected to the design walls of my sewing area. I just hope this floor doesn’t end up being like my junk drawer. We all have junk drawers! I wonder how many square feet of floor space I need?


See you at the meeting.

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