President Message February 2020

President Message February 2020

President’s Message

Manny Caldera, President

Happy Valentines’ Family!

The Road-to-California Show is now history!  Wow, what a show.  For those that did not attend, there were changes to the layout of this year show.  All the vendors were moved out of the Ballroom and moved to the main Exhibit Hall and Tent area. We ran in to Muriel Carroll who was working at the Road-to-California booth.  It was great to see her.  There were many other guild members that we also ran into.  I visited the Missouri Star Company and purchased two ceramic thimble cups for those members who wear their name tags and walked away.  Shortly after, I was taped on the shoulder by an employee from Missouri Star and she said “Mr. Caldera, you purchased an empty box, and I have your thimble cub that you need!  The employee said “I have been looking all over for you on the floor; thank god you were wearing that “Hat”, I was able to locate you.  Wow, I was impressed.  “Missouri Star You Rule…

As I walked around the Tent area, I came to a very large crowd and to my surprise, it was “Eleanor Burns“ Wow, I approached her and asked if I could take a picture with her, and she said yes!  In addition, I noticed that there were more men walking around at this year show; there was one men walking around with a ball-cap saying “Duck-Tape Expert”, wow if I need something wrapped, I knew where to go.

Wow, wow, wow, Stop-the-Presses!  On Sunday as we walked towards to Missouri Star Booth, I stopped at another booth to speak to the vendor, my wife said “Come quickly NOW!!!, we walked to Missouri Star Booth only to see Jenny Doan in person.  She replied ‘Your Manny Caldera; my son total me about you and your hat when you came to my shop in 2017.  We spoke about her customer service and the incident that happen to me when I purchased the ceramic thimble cup.  I also asked her about the quilt that I sent to her to be quilted and Jenny replied that they do 1,000 quilts a month and they now have 20 longarm machine that function on two shifts.  I opened dialog with Jenny to come to our guild for two or three days of a workshop or a lectures, and she replied that she would be happy to come out and to please write to her.  She is currently booked out for two years.  I will approach our board members with this idea. 

Well, I must say before you attend guilt shows, make sure you call your bank and inform them that you’ll be make several purchases from vendors that are “Outside of California, so you will not get Locked-Out-of-Your Account, like I did.  I had to call my bank to un-lock my account.

For our February meeting, Linda has scheduled First Quilt, Last Quilt; a presentation from own membership and how they started there quilting journey.

We have filled all the positions in our guild as of Wednesday evening after the meeting.  I was approached by Regina Danner, and Susan Cribbs.  Regina also said to include Janet Shepard.  The three amigas, will be heading our Holiday Dinner this year.  Thank you for Stepping Up!

Closing Statement for the year: “Strong Teams, Strong Results… -Manny

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