President’s Message March 2020

President’s Message March 2020

Manny Caldera, President

Happy Spring and Kit Flying Family!

Well Valentine Day is now history!

Valerie Walker, a long time member of our Guild has passed away.  Her daughter, Linda contracted the Church and obtained my number.  Her mother had a sewing cabinet which was in great condition and some books.  I picked up the cabinet, some book and some rulers.  Linda said her mother got rid of most of the books except the one that Linda Rasmussen gave to her sometime ago.  Now I have it.  The cabinet will be sold at our Yard-Sale in April.

Lysette Freeman contacted Regina Danner several weeks ago and informed us that Mary Kopp passed away on November 27, 2019.  She was a longarm quilter for 35 years.  Lysette informed us that “all” of her material, rulers, sewing needles, patterns, batting, threads, sewing feets, books, kits, another sewing cabinet with a table that pulls out.  Estimated value: $10,000.00 to our Guild.  This does not include: 12’ longarm with software, Table-top longarm, 10 sewing machines, each in their own roll-aways, and one Brother Table top embroidery machine with all the hoops etc.  The family will sell the machines on their own.  The fabric and the rest of the stuff will be sold at our Yard-Sale, so Really-Save-Your-Money!  I am tired of writing all ready.  If you’re interested picking up an additional sewing machine, Lysette Freeman is our contact. Please see me for her cell number.

Speaking of the Yard-Sale, our first Fund-Raiser of the year is upon us for the month of April 25, 2020.  I spoke with Linda Rasmussen pertaining to the amount of fabric we have received, and came up with a re-schedule of the Yard Sale.  On April 22, 2020 (Wednesday), we will instead have a Community-Out-Reach Sew-In starting at 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.  The Yard Sale will be on April 25, 2020 (Saturday), at Ana Seitz home front yard.  A real Yard Sale!  I look forward for everybody in our Guild to participate.  All of the major newspapers within the San Gabriel valley will be contacted including other Guilds.  All proceeds go to our Guild for Guest Speakers, Operations costs, rent and supplies for our Community-Outreach programs.

CoronaVirus-19: The State-of-California is now under Emergence Operation.  As this virus is spreading across California and getting closer to the San Gabriel Valley.  If this happens, I will Cancel our March Meeting.  Our 1st V.P. has concerned, and I have contacted Erin at Arcadia Community Church who has spoken to their legal department and has agreed to refund our fees going forward.  Stay tune.

 If the March meeting is “not” cancel, Linda Rasmussen our First V.P of Programs has lined up our March guest speaker Audrey Durnanl.  Let’s give her a warm welcome to our Guild.

I would like to thank Susan Cribbs for putting together our new membership directory and creating our Yard-Sale flyer.

Closing Statement for the year: “Strong Teams, Strong Results… -Manny

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