President’s Message

Manny Caldera, President

“Happy Zooming to the new Norm…

I have been in contact with the Eric Crus; our Arcadia Community Church representative.  The Church is closed until further notice. They are following The Los Angeles County Guild Lines.  And as of today (May 12, 2020), those guild lines were extended, but changes are coming to open several businesses within the State. If and when the Church decides to open, we will bring those recommendations to the Board for review and take action.  My goal, and the Board, is to keep our members safe.

For weeks, I have been researching what gifts I can give to those individuals within our Guild who have been creating face masks for various organization(s).  I have found what I was looking for and ordered these one-of-a-kind gifts for those members.  These will be door delivered.

On May 16, 2020, Cindy and I drove up to Big Bear to visit Bear County Quilts & Gifts, the other guild that I belong to.  (I was shocked to see how many cars were climbing the hill) social distancing was enforced and you needed to wear a face mask.  Belinda Evans is the owner and President of Busy Bear Quilt Guild.  I shared with her what Wandering Foot Quilt Guild (WFQG) has been doing for the last several months using the Zoom application.  I set-up a training session that evening for 30 minutes with Belinda, and she was impressed.

Tumbling Blocks, one of WFQG sub groups had their first Zoom meeting on May 22, 2020.  There were 7 members, and Julia mom even checked in from the Netherlands’.  Wow!    Does this count for Social Distanting!

On May 19, 2020, Our Community Outreach Chair has informed us that our donations to those various organizations needing our contributions have started again.  Marilyn has informed at our general Zoom meeting that contributions have already been provided.  “Please start sewing… Contact Marilyn Brisendine.

On May 27, 2020, Wednesday, we had our first Wandering Foot Quilt Guild General Membership meeting on Zoom.  We had 28 members who joined.  Updates were reported from our Board members, but the hi-light of the meeting was the Show-N-Tell.  We had nine individuals who shared their project(s) since this pandemic started in March.

We would like to have more Board Members join the Board meeting(s) and more membership to get out information that is beneficial to our members.  Membership Zoom meeting will be sent out on June 22, 2020 (Monday) for June 24, 2020 (Wednesday meeting).

Closing Statement for this month: “When the Going Get Tough, the Tough Get’s Sewing… Cherry Berry Quilts

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