President’s Message

Manny Caldera, President

“What happen? Well let me tell you…

What happen to all the sewing machines?  Walmart, Joanna’s, Pasadena Vacuum & Sewing were sold out which included sergers until October of this year.  Joanna’s only had Universal Sewing Needles, which is not what I was looking for.  Upland Vacuum & Sew had sewing machines only because Rosallie the owner purchased a year ahead of schedule.  And, if your machine needed servicing, well right now, you will not receive your machine back until the end of October.  Some members purchase new machines.  One of our guild members was quoted $125.00 to service her Brothers sewing machine.  I told her to bring her machine over, and I will service it for you.  It took me 30 minutes and it was running smoother and quieter.  Walmart was out of fabric.  Your options were ordering online or looking through a window and pointing to the bolt of fabric SCREAMING to the worker “I want that one, no Not that one THAT one. ½ yard only please.  Connecting Threads took four weeks to deliver six yards of backing for a project my wife was working on.  When the fabric came, she remembered about the project.

Mentor Night was a success! We had 31 members and one visitor, which I understand has also joined our Guild too!  Her name is Elizabeth Leahy, but she calls herself Liz.  Welcome to our family Liz.

Over the last six months, this pandemic has been challenging for our guild and many organization across the country.  We have worked very hard to stay in-touch with one another by implementing zoom technology just to see each other and check among each other that we were all right.  Our guild is a community base organization and we tend to keep it that way going forward. 

As President in conjunction with your Board-Members, we voted to renewal “all” current memberships for free for 2021.  Bobby Noon, our Treasurer, has stepped forward very graciously will donate all the door prizes when we return back to the Church.

As far as returning back to Arcadia Community Church (ACC). My understanding is the ACC Board members will meeting the last week of January 2021 and will decided about re-opening up the Church going forward.

“Until next month, keeping quilting…

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