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Month: October 2020



President’s Message

Manny Caldera, President

“What happen? Well let me tell you…

Well, we’re are still in a pandemic, shortage of sewing machines and now Fires!  So, what left? An earth quake? We had 12 family members from our guild that needed to be evacuated, which also included there pets.  One member moved out of the area completely to North Hollywood.   Now you ready need to wear a face mask because of all the ash in the air.  I needed to clear my air machines twice this month.  Getting back to our earth quake we had on September 18, 2020, 11:38 p.m.  We were finishing up our sewing when “Bang” the house shook!  I went looking for Cindy and she went looking for our cats.  I ran to our bed-room to grab my ham radio and turn in to the Catalina Repeater, which is known as the earth-quake repeater.  The radio was lit-up with reports from all over Southern-California reporting tremble activity.  We’re safe and so was our home.  But wait!  There is more!  My wife woke me up at 1:30 a.m. SHAKING MY LEG…”Wake-Up, Wake-Up there is SOMEONE in the BACK-YARD!!!!  I jump out bed, grab my flash-light and went outside to see WHO was in our BACK-YARD?  Or on top of our patio; it was a family of three raccoon aka: The Bandit! Walking around looking for food; to then I must of looked like a Big-Taco! With Cheese.  Ok, go ahead and laugh…

Do you know Pam Hadfield?  Well, let me tell you if you did not take her Whimsy Wedge Halloween Pillow Class.  You missed out.  She presented our September 26, 2020 Zoom Classes, and we had twelve individuals from our guild who attended. I found it to be outstanding.  Watching how she moved the class section-by-section before moving to the next lesson. Member’s texts pictures to her to make sure they were on “point” before moving on. Pam used two computer systems approach; one to show her presentation and the other to view each individual projects from the class that were texted to her.

Linda Rasmussen has scheduled another two-session class with Pam Hadfield for Nov 7, and 11, 2020 for The Christmas Table Runner/Quilt.  For both classes the fee will $40.00 Plus $5.00 for the pattern.  More information will follow.  So stay tune!

Have you heard?  Sharon Camping will be published in the December issue of American Patchwork and Quilting magazine, Tips: From Our Readers, which will go on sale next week.  Her discussion is on rotary cutters and keeping the blades sharp and dating them including safely disposing them.

Ok, these next two meetings are going to be “very” important to our membership. We have Officers Elections and Voting of those new Officers that will represent us for the next two years.  Mark your calendar with your Smart-Phones and remember when our Board/Membership meetings are.  And remember to turn-on that alarm too!

-Manny Caldera