President’s Message February 2021

President’s Message February 2021

“Happy Valentine’s Guild Members…

What happen? “Well let me tell you…

Since the pandemic started, we hunger-down; made face-masks, baby quilts, small quilts and big-quilts almost around the clock.  As I penned this article, our guild, moved into Zoom in April 2020, and for the first time, we saw each other within little squares windows, all amazed, which was a memorable occasion.  Now, this is the norm, at least for now until we receive our vaccinations.  But our Guild members wanted more, and they stepped up to the plate to bring online zoom classes by outside artisans and some of our gifted members from our own guild. 

Starting this February, our Guild, will offer a new Zoom Block-of-the-Month to make your own quilt, which will be the first Saturday of the month by two of our talented members: Elizabeth Phinder and Terry Simon.  So, Guild members, “What are you wait for!!!   You need to fire-up your computer system, and join the group.

In addition, there is some discussion on having sew-in sessions once a month; which was brought up in our January membership meeting.  Our Secretary, Linda Rasmussen, will have her presentation on February 27, 2021, from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., which will also be our first Sew-In session as well. 

I spoke with Erin from the Arcadia Community Church, and there is some discussion circling around that we “may” be able to meet around the end of September; provided a high number of the population gets vaccinated.  Keep your fingers cross!

Regina Danner, Susan Cribbs, and Janet Shepard have stepped-up-to-the-plate to once again do our Holiday Dinner; Yeah!  Those on the Membership zoom meeting were excited.

Our first Show-in-Tell presentation by Terry Simon, was a complete excess after our presenter finished her demonstration of beautiful quilts.  We had 46 members who stayed on to see those projects by our members.  This will continue to be the norm going forward, so get ready for this month, and remember to e-mail your photo’s to Terry.

-Manny CalderaꙬ

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