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Month: March 2021



President’s Message

Manny Caldera, President, March

“Happy St. Patrick’s Day Guild Members…

What happen? “Well let me tell you…

Our Guild is on a roll!  You ask why, Well let me tell you!  We have monthly Show-&-Tell at our Zoom monthly meetings; we have the new Block-of-the-Month the first Saturday of each month; we have quests speaker scheduled out until May, with more to come.  So, remember get that computer plugged in and Turn-it-On.

Our Membership Chair; Donna Owens is working on our new Guild Directory, and I was informed that there are several new members and some returning members that have joined.  Wow, I was impressed.  Let’s keep this momentum going.

Cindy’s featherweight LOCKED UP last night, and I said well, put it away and I will take it in for service!  Then, I decided to call the Featherweight Specialist company that I purchased from two years ago at Road-to-California, and I left a message.  Well, low-&-behold I received a call 30 minutes after I called and the own said “Hello Mr. Caldera”, left me walk you through the process in order to save you time coming down to Anaheim etc.  Well, there was a “small” piece of thread that was caught between the bobbin case and the hook.  So, I pulled out my jewelers set, position the featherweight in the proper-angle, and with Lloyd on the phone, I was able to remove the thread.  I took the opportunity to oil ever piece very well before putting everything together.  Lloyd also said “When was the last time you put grease in your motor”?  I said not in two years.  I also purchased the kit of special grease for featherweight.  Lloyd said locate the two special holes on the motor; use the little poker that came with the kit and see how far it goes in.  If it goes in “all-the-way” you “need” grease until you can see it on the top hole. And just leave it there, and you’re good to go for another six months; or depending how offend you use your machine.  After ten minutes, Cindy featherweight was humming again.  For those members who have featherweights and would like me to service your machine; bring them over and save some money.  These self-repaired saved me $200.00

Our Guild now has the ability to create Break-Out Rooms on our Zoom account!  What does this mean?  Well, let me tell you.  Let’s take for example Mentor-Night.  Our membership will enter the zoom meeting, but in addition, there will be several Break-Out Rooms created; 1 could be on Longarm, 2 could be Applique, 3 could be Paper-piecing and 4 could be Session with Linda Rasmussen all running in parallel.  Our members would select one of the rooms and the Host/Co-Host will send out a message to “all” to our members that “its” time to “switch”.  Wait did I say “Co-Host” yes, we also have the ability to assign a “Co-Host” in our Zoom session.  We also have the ability to record a Training Session in MP4 format.

Last month we had 41 members who stayed on to see those Show-&-Tell by our members.  This will continue to be the norm going forward, so get ready for this month, and remember to e-mail your photo’s to Terry Simon.

“Remember, in March 14, 2021, Daylight Saving Times starts; Spring Forward one hour…

-Manny CalderaꙬ