President’s Message

Manny Caldera, President, April

“Happy Easter Day Guild Members…

What happen? “Well let me tell you…

Well, if you’re were not on the Zoom Meeting for March 24, 2021, you missed a great presentation from Jaimie Davis on Baltimore Album Quilts.  Wow!

Our Secretary, Linda Rasmussen, presented to our Guild; The Global Quilt Connection is having Presentation on May 22 – 23, 2021, which will allow us to view via Zoom; Presenter’s in a two day program and be able to choose for a fee of $50.00.  What a steal!  Well-in-the-mean-time; one of our Out-of-State Guild Members; Susan Buck from Georgetown, TX, decided to paid the $50.00’s for our members to join the Zoom meetings.  Thank you Susan Buck!

I Zoom recorded our Show-N-Tell presented by Terry Simon during our meeting.  I compressed the file and e-mail it to Carol Simpson with instructions on how to Extract the file for viewing with an MP4 player.  Enjoy!

When we have a Workshop, I always call later in the day and asked “How was the Workshop?” When I hear that “it went Very Well, I get excited because those members that signed up received and enjoyed the experience of creating Loopy Tulips.  Jaimie Davis has a spunky personality, which she brings in her personal life experience into her lesson plan, which draws in the audience.  Ezliabeth Phinder, mentioned “I would have loved to have gone another hour; that’s how much I enjoyed the workshop”.  “Wow…  As I mentioned last month, “Our Guild is on a roll…

Our next workshop is scheduled for May 1, 2021.  This will be our first Guild Workshop/Sew-In. I am looking forward for this workshop where we will get to share ideas and tips on quilting.

So, the Governor announced that this June 15, 2021, the entire State-of-California is scheduled to Re-Open without any restrictions.  Wow!  I will be speaking with Erin; our contact person at Arcadia Community Church, and see what the plan is going forward with our Guild returning to our schedule meetings. “Stay tune…

Over the weekend, Cindy and I watched “The Ten Commandment’s”.  After 5 hours, I fell asleep on the coach and was awaken when Mosses parted the sea.  I parted for the bedroom.

-Manny CalderaꙬ

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