President Message, June 2021

President Message, June 2021

President’s Message

Manny Caldera, President, June

“Happy Father’s Day, Flag Day and The First Day of Summer…

What happen? “Well let me tell you…

We are getting Closer to Opening of The State-of-California and returning to some kind of normalness!  After May 25, 2021, I will be calling Erin to see what the Arcadia Community Church next steps are for opening their community center to outside clubs.  There are no changes until the next schedule meeting on June 28, 2021.  I will update the Board members.

The All-Star Virtual Sampler Platter presented by Global Quilt Connections was outstanding.  I watched both days of presentations which were outstanding.  Each speaker was given 15 minutes to present their craft(s).  This was a great opportunity to see each instructor and what they had to offer.

One of the four sewing groups I belong to is School-House, which had their first BBQ’s since the pandemic started last March 2020.  We had 25 individual’s that came out; which was an Outstanding Pot-Luck; and of course, I cooked my famous hamburgers and Hot-Dogs; I even cooked one for Barbara Cox to take home for one of those mid-night snacks.  Going forward, School-House will be having Sewing-Ins on the third Saturday starting in June – December instead of Tuesday evening meeting.  If you’re interested, send me an e-mail and I will forward the agenda.

Our guest speaker for May was Patricia Belyea, who presented “The Alluring World of Japanese Yukata Quilts.”   Here is a little history on Patricia:  At age 50, Patricia Belyea took her first trip to Japan. At 53, she made her first quilt. Once she started quilting, Patricia worked on projects during every waking hour (and hours she should have been sleeping). “I was a fish who didn’t know I was a fish until someone showed me the water,” she explains. Then Patricia discovered vintage Japanese yukata cottons and she had found her calling. These hand-dyed fabrics with graphic patterns and luscious colors seemed ideal for making stunning quilts. Once she began importing Japanese fabrics, Patricia traveled often to Japan—especially in January to see the Tokyo Quilt Festival.  I have been waiting for this presentation.

For June, we have Sam Hunter; “Words in Quilts Workshop,” which is scheduled for June 23, 2021, 7:00p.m.  Terry Simon will introduce our guest speaker for the evening.

-Manny CalderaꙬ

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